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What is a Web-connected printer?

Many of the newest printers from HP connect to the Internet, enabling these key benefits:

  • ePrint – Use this HP feature to print from anywhere with a Web connection by sending an email to your printer's email address.
  • Print apps – Enjoy instant access to printable Web content from your printer's control panel, for select Internet-capable printers.
  • ePrintCenter – See your printer status, add and remove print apps, and manage ePrint settings and job history from any Web browser, at home or on the go.

HP e-printWhat is HP ePrint?

ePrint lets you print directly to an HP printer anywhere in the world from a smart phone, computer or any other internet connected mobile device without installing any special drivers or software. All you need to have is an internet connection and the HP ePrint devices unique email address. ePrint is very easy to use.  If you can send an email, you can use ePrint from HP.

Just imagine the possibilities and efficiencies that you could experience with ePrint from HP.  You could use ePrint to print out a picture of little billy’s baseball game on grandpa's printer thousands of miles away, or to immediately print a picture of a great find at a antique store to your wife's desk.  Or maybe your home inspector could print a picture of the newly found water damage directly to your insurance agent's desk from the crawl space of your home.  Maybe your attorney, who happens to be on vacation, could receive urgent documents from you printed directly to his ePrint enabled printer in his hotel room.

HP has done it again.  With ePrint, the possibilities are endless.

Watch this informative video that explains how ePrint works.

HP video on ePrint


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